Dennis Krukowski has photographed Christmas trees these last twenty five years along with twenty four other photographic studies starting in 1963.

He was the one of three recipients of the 2012 Light Work Grant after submitting ten images from the body of work for Christmas trees. The jury included Jamie M. Allen (Assistant Curator of Photographs, George Eastman House), Bleu Cease (Executive Director and Curator, Rochester Contemporary Art Center), and Sean Donaher (Executive Director, CEPA Gallery). From November 2012 to February 2013 the photography was displayed at the Robert Menschel Media Center at Syracuse University. The recent September 2013 publication of the 40th Anniversary of Contact Sheet is the culmination of events as one of the ten images submitted for the grant is published singly on a page along with a full page of text dedicated to the three recipients.

Dennis connected with the people he photographed and let their world become his. His innocence and naiveté had him almost badly literally beaten twice in New York when he was seventeen yet he walked away without a scratch . . . just to be able to capture his first time experiences of New York City. In hindsight that one afternoon in Harlem in 1969 he is said to have created some of his best work. That is one of the reasons that though his main body of work these last twenty five years has been photographing Christmas trees and is substantial, these other work projects over the last fifty years were integral to his evolvement, as he has always photographed what personally resonated or demanded his attention.