A Petri put in his hands at the age of eleven by his Dad who just returned from South Korea and Japan from a year long military tour planted the seed for photography. At that age everything about photographing nature was his calling. It was an accessible subject for a young boy who happen to also love nature. Then his interests led to photographing every conceivable junior and senior high school event as he later became photo editor for his high school yearbook.

Early admissions had Dennis attending the Rochester Institute of Photography from 1970-1974 where he also became senior photo editor of the college magazine. Moving to New York City in 1975, and living there for over 32 years opened his eyes to a whole new world as he was ‘married’ to his Leica M3 which he carried with him at all times. In 1980 he met Mr. Albert Hadley an interior designer who introduced and mentored him thru the interior design world fostering and instilling within Dennis that an interior space was a form of art. All work is still photographed with a Hasselbad with film and and then scanned with an Imacon.

Dennis notes, “I made a full circle and moved back to my hometown of Syracuse and married the girl next door. My wife Vicki and I have a beautiful family of four adopted boys from China together with a biological boy and girl.”