Snow Sculptures, 2003–2006

I refer to the images as snow sculptures and not just snowmen as they include dinosaurs photographed near the Museum of Natural History, bears near the Central Park Zoo, a chicken near the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a woman’s bust near the Delacorte Theater, an architectural replica of a New York building, and two snow people keeping vigil as the pink dusk of the evening sky looms overhead, and finally a portrait of me and and a “study” to name a few. Central Park is a haven for those living in New York. After a good snowfall children with their parents stormed Central Park to play and build snow sculptors. The snow figures would be scattered throughout the park within hours. Walking to to the reservoir near my home on East 92nd I would enter the park and walk all the way down to 59th street and then toward the west side of the park all the way back up to 96th street.

Sam_fth01 009